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Service Options Available

We offer several types of appointment options to fit your needs. You are only minutes away from discovering the health and wellness advantages of a Professional Therapeutic Massage.

*BRAND NEW* Workshops

KBJ Bodywork Center now offers two extremely informative workshops that teach self serving techniques that you can do at your own home to keep on top of your body health. The Soothing Six Meridian Stretches shows how unblocking the body’s pathways can lead to a healthier and energized you. The Self-Massage Mastery workshops show specific massage techniques that you can do to your self in the comfort of your bedroom.

On-Site Corporate Chair Massage

Seated massage services are available. Seated corporate massage is usually a 10 to 30 minute “stress buster” which relieves tight neck, back and shoulder muscles resulting from stress and tension. The massage is provided in the work place or at a specified location and the client is fully clothed and seated upright.

Depending on the arrangement with company management, services can be paid by the employer, employee, or split between the two. Many larger companies include a specific number of massages per month for key employees as a part of their corporate wellness or benefit program.

It has been estimated that 80% of those people whe receive seated massage are having their first massage experience. Introducing your employees to the benefits of massage is a well-received benefit. Seated massage will invigorate and refresh your employees. Studies have proven that a seated chair massage will improve your empoyees’ productivity and general attitude.

Aside from the traditional corporate setting, a seated chair massage can be done in almost any environment: health food stores, health fairs, salons, spas, primarily conventions/exibits, factories, retirement communities and nursing homes, grand openings and business anniversaries, athlethic events, doctor’s offices, charity or fund-raising events, just to name a few.

So, contact “KBJ  Bodyworks Center” today and begin to reap the benefits of Corporate Chair Massage—for your bottom line!

In-House Full Body Massage

In our spa, you will relax in a cozy room with music and dim lights. We recommend that, if you had been working out, you do take a shower before arriving for your massage. We respect and expect cleanliness in our spa, just like you would expect at any other place. And again, thank you for your cooperation.

Private Massage Lesson for Two

Bring a friend, spouse, or any special person to learn fun and easy relaxation techniques to use at home. Your private 90-minute lesson will be custom designed based on individual objectives. You will practice on each other with instructor supervision. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Everything is provided – just bring willing hands and an open heart.

Spa Parties

Want to have a party and don’t know how or where to start? Call KBJ Bodyworks Center, she’ll step you through the whole process. We do wedding, birthday,  anniversary,  surprise and pampering parties. Fun and very relaxing for everyone. Just call or e-mail and we can go over the details for preparation. . Call for pricing.