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What is Therapeutic Massage?

There is much historical evidence to indicate that massage was one of the earliest remedial practices to relieve pain and for the restoration of healthy body functions.

The effects of massage differ from one client to another depending on the needs of the individual and the goals and intentions with which the massage is administered. This is the reason that a massage on two different people may render different results. In addition to physical effects from massage therapy, the client may experience mental and emotional reactions. Many healthy people believe that frequent massage helps them to remain physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. They enjoy the relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated feeling they get from a therapeutic massage.

Physically, massage increases metabolism, hastens healing, relaxes and refreshes the muscles, and improves the detoxifying functions of the lymphatic system. Massage helps to prevent and relieve muscle cramps and spasms and improves circulation of blood and lymph, thereby improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells as it enhances the removal of metabolic wastes. Massage Therapy is effective in pain management in conditions such as arthritis, neuritis, neuralgia, labor and delivery, whiplash, muscular lesions, sciatica, headache, muscle spasms, and many other conditions.

Psychologically, massage relieves fatigue, reduces tension and anxiety, calms the nervous system, and promotes a sense of relaxation and renewed energy.